bridgeport, connecticut poltergeist

the most frightening and unbelievable type of haunting is a poltergeist. or “noisy ghost”. a poltergeist can move things. write on mirrors. generate physical phenomena that is often witnessed by many people at the same time, believers and unbelievers. in the early ’70s, a balls-shrinking poltergeist incident settled on a … Continue reading

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how not to become spontaneously humanly combusted

spontaneous human combustion

going to start this new section of the blog-website-trouble magnet with a bang. let’s talk about people catching on fire for no apparent reason–spontaneous human combustion. that’s right. people can burst into flames for no apparent reason. here’s a doctor, John Bentley, 92-years old. see the walker? and the leg? … Continue reading

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here is a test for weird



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