love your job

some people hate their careers, all their lives. maybe you know somebody like that. i do. which is sort of scary when you’re trying to figure out what your job is gonna be for the rest of your life. but then i think about a few people who figured out … Continue reading

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bridgeport, connecticut poltergeist

the most frightening and unbelievable type of haunting is a poltergeist. or “noisy ghost”. a poltergeist can move things. write on mirrors. generate physical phenomena that is often witnessed by many people at the same time, believers and unbelievers. in the early ’70s, a balls-shrinking poltergeist incident settled on a … Continue reading

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really, really mad max

um…guys?     who’s seen the mel gibson one? who thinks the new mad max amps it up, like, a billion percent? who’s gonna be the first in line? *raises hand* also, what’s tom hardy’s deal?   maybe he’s just shy. Loop Start playing when buffered ( Only Notify ) … Continue reading

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people, you have 9 days to name the features on pluto

nine days.* that’s all the time you’ve got until the balloting closes, to NAME THE LAND FEATURES ON PLUTO. the planet, not the dog. three ballots: one for literary names, one for historical names, and one for mythological names. and an extra one for kids–tell your little brothers and sisters. … Continue reading

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how not to become spontaneously humanly combusted

spontaneous human combustion

going to start this new section of the blog-website-trouble magnet with a bang. let’s talk about people catching on fire for no apparent reason–spontaneous human combustion. that’s right. people can burst into flames for no apparent reason. here’s a doctor, John Bentley, 92-years old. see the walker? and the leg? … Continue reading

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and this is a test for diy



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here is a test for weird



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rethink, replan, redo


alrighty, peeps. we’re gonna spiff up this website. but it’ll take awhile. in the next few months we’ll undergo a redesign for the brand-new improved site. new theme. new focus. new topics.   you WILL be entertained.

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making sure the good guys win

NYC loves Boston

dammit dammit dammit. can’t tell you how much this boston bomber thing eats at my effin’ gizzard. pretty sick of people blowing people up because they’re–what? making a political statement? a religious one? or maybe they’re just plain jealous? how about evil. can we call “evil” when we see it? … Continue reading

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less than three conference–lots of cool authors, and cool peeps


okay, guys. something nifty this way comes. you know heather brewer: the chronicles of vladimir tod, the slayer chronicles and the brand spankin’ new legacy of tril series. she’s just announced this cool meet-up called the “less than three conference”. named after this doohickey: <3 no, it’s not some sticky … Continue reading

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